Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hidden Beauty Reveals under the Sun

This lovely and shy parrot is hiding its beauty behind leaves of trees, one of my best shot during hiking in some place somewhere in the rain forest of our country.

Beautiful Nature and Bloom of Life

Being a butterfly they need to take lot risk, from a tiny egg attach to plants leaves, then caterpillar crawling from place to place risking its whole life from predators, then larvae were they buried in cocoon, and at last here comes a colourful lovely creatures.

Folklore says if you whisper’s a wish to a butterfly it may come true.

How ready they are to face the World…

I found there nest hanging on the mango tree in our orchards farm. Using the lens my camera this beautiful creature could never scapes away from me, I capture them and keep them forever.

This two little creature is completely innocent for the next phase of there life. How ready they are, they need to face the world a week from now.